Enhancing customer productivity.

Tozai Kikou offers specialized planning to fulfill specific needs.

  • The sales, development and manufacture of environmentally friendly, high-quality products
  • An organization capable of anticipating customer requirements and rapidly meeting or exceeding them.
We are committed to applying this corporate philosophy to sales as well as manufacturing.

Tozai Topics

  • June 2017
    TNW-X※※B Participated in JPCA Show 2017
  • April 2017
    TNW-X※※B Participated in NEPCON China 2017
  • August 2016
    TNW-X※※B・SONO Flux EZ
    Participated in NEPCON South China
  • April 2016
    TNW-X※※B Participated in NEPCON China 2016
  • March 2016
    TNW-X※※B-CE sales begin
  • June 2015
    TNW-X※※A Participated in JPCA Show 2015