What's a nozzle washing machine?

Tozai Kikou automatic nozzle washing machines will solve customer problems.

In today's SMT industry, advances in SMT have enabled ultra-miniaturization of components, high-density mounting, and smaller-sized circuit boards.
Demand for even further miniaturization in the future is clear.

Currently, problems often occur in the SMT industry due to solder and flux stuck on the suction nozzles of chip mounters, a problem which has major effects on production.
Tozai Kikou's Automatic Nozzle Washing Machine uses an advanced washing method to quickly wash nozzle debris which was difficult to wash in the past. Plus, washing is performed without damaging nozzles, and no harmful washing agents are used so using the unit is environmentally friendly.
This is a product which the future generation of SMT needs. Please be sure to take this opportunity to investigate its installation.

Effects of using Tozai Kikou's automatic nozzle washing machines

A contaminated nozzle can cause

Solder, flux, etc. to adhere to a nozzle to cause failures.
Mounting accuracy suffers
  • More chips get dropped
  • Sliding as chips are absorbed
  • Chips stick to the washing machine
Fewer products produced
  • more PCBs that need repair
  • more nozzles will need to be disposed
  • production line delays as mounter operation stops.
Mounting loss

Advantages of using a Tozai Kikou nozzle washing machine

  • Mounting quality improves

    Increases in chip mounter absorption rate and mounting rate lead to higher mounting quality.

  • Lowers personnel costs

    Decrease in repaired PCBs.
    Reduces washing process time.

  • Reduces component cost.

    Fewer chips get dropped.
    Able to reuse nozzles.

  • Increasing productivity

    Minimizes production line hold-ups and increases production.

Problem solutions ↓
Numerous customer benefits.

Nozzle washing machines that eliminate problems