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TOZAI KOKOU’s original products are developed drawing on the best of our technologies.
Environmentally-aware products are also offered to address the crucial issues of the day.

  • Tozai Kikou-manufactured Products and Sales
    • Automatic nozzle washing machine
    • Custom-made products
    • Automated machines
    • RoHS-compatible air horses (with one-touch coupler)
    • Inline filter
  • Chip mounting & related business
    • Automatic chip mounter nozzle washing machines, Glue dispenser nozzle washing machines, Feeder inspectors
    • Various chip mounters, Eco fluxers, Automated Optical Inspection
      (Pre-soldering / Post-soldering)
    • Sales/purchases of pre-used machines, Sales/purchases of pre-used feeders
    • Sales of chip mounting nozzles, Tape splicing, Sales of cleaning paper
    • SMT Board Splitter
  • Environment-Related
    • Nitrogen generator systems (PSA)
    • Water-absorbing, Cleaning, Wiping materials (PVA sponges)
    • Rust inhibitor
    • Thermal insulation jacket

Tozai Kikou offers unique planning to fulfill specific needs.
Providing high-quality products faster and at low cost.

  • Design Engineering↓
    • Pneumatic circuits
    • Electronic control circuits
    • Comprehensive jig types
  • Processing Engineering↓
    • Tool holders (blade holders) for various applications
    • Minimal lubrication systems
    • Machine tools, Precision molds, Jet Cooler systems
  • Electrical Assembly↓
    • Programmable controllers
    • Rotary electrical connectors
    • Wire saving systems, Control panel boxes (various types)
  • Mechanism Assembly↓
    • Pneumatic equipment, Vacuum equipment
    • Linear equipment (Ball screws, Feed screws, Slide shafts, Linear guides)
    • Precision XY stages, Precision processing parts
    • Magnets (various types)
  • Inspection Process↓
    • Microscopes
    • Gauges (various types)
    • Level Measuring equipment
  • Product Shipment