Company Name TOZAI KIKOU Co., Ltd.
Head Office 7-14-35, Nishinakajima, Yodogawa-ku, Osaka, 532-0011 Japan
(4 th Fl., NIPPO North 5 Building)
Tel: +81-6-6304-7021
Fax: +81-6-6306-4136
Established June 1976
Capital ¥20 million (authorized)
¥10 million (paid-in)
Directors Tatsuhiko Kase (President & CEO)
Yoshiko Kase (Director)
Takuya Kase (Director)
Michihiko Omori (Auditor)
Banks Risona Bank (Shin-Osaka Ekimae Branch)
Kita Osaka Shinkin Bank (Umeda Branch)
Products Tozai Kikou-Manufactured Products and Sales
Automatic nozzle washing machines
Air hoses
Inline filter
Feeder inspectors
Custom-made products (Inspectors, Automated machines, Control panel boxes)

Marketing & Distribution
DIP Inspectors, Eco fluxer, Chip mounting machine nozzles (various types), Sales/purchases of pre-used chip packaging machines, Pneumatic equipment/Design engineering of electric control circuits, Machine tools, Press tools, Jet cooler systems, Tool holders, Minimal lubrication ststems, Microscopes, Level measuring equipment, Gauges (various types), Programmable controllers, Rotaly electrical connectors, Wire saving systems, Pneumatic equipment, Vacuum equipment, Nitrogen gas generator systems, Linear equipment, Precision XY stages, Precision processing parts, Magnets (various types), Soundproof equipment, Coatings, Water-absorbing/cleaning/wiping/materials, Electromagnetic-compatible products

Company profile

June. 1976 Founded in Yodo Ward, Osaka.
Dec. 1983 Capital increased to Yen 5 million.
June. 1994 Capital increased to Yen 10 million.
Dec. 2003 Obtained ISO14001 certification.
Jan. 2005 Launched nozzle washing machines in Japan.
May. 2005 Obtained ISO9001 certification.
June. 2006 Obtained 2004-version ISO14001 certification.
Oct. 2006 Obtained NT MAC-ICE certification.
Aug. 2009 Launched nozzle washing machines TNW-X in Japan and overseas countries.
Mar. 2010 Obtained 2008-version ISO9001 certification.
Mar. 2013 Chip mounting & related equipment sales begin.
Jun. 2013 Launched Glue dispenser nozzle washing machine DNC-6 sales begin.
Sep. 2013 DIP inspectors sales begin.
Dec. 2015

TNW-X※※B-CE certification.

Mar. 2016 Launched TNW-X※※B-CE sales begin.
Jun. 2016 Launched SONO Flux EZ sales begin.