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Tozai Kikou-Manufactured Products and Sales

Manufacture/sales of custom orders

Feeder inspectors TIFU-□□Feeder inspectors TIFU-□□
Automated machinesAutomated machines

Customer needs for automation are catered to with our automated installation machines and automatic inspectors.

  • Inspectors (various types)
  • Automated machines (various types)
* In addition, manufacture/sales of custom orders.

RoHS-compatible air horses (with one-touch coupler)

RoHS-compatible air horses (with one-touch coupler)

We recommend trying our "RoHS-compatible air hoses" for supplying air to your devices

  • "Harmful chemical substances" in RoHS directive are not present in our air hoses.
  • Our hoses are priced most attractively with speedy delivery.
  • Wide lineup of products allow you to select exactly what satisfies your requirements.
  • High flow-rate type (TUA8X12-5M-03L)delivers 1.5 times the flow rate capability of conventional units.

Equipment geometry

RoHS-compatible air horses (with one-touch coupler)

Part composition

  Part name


  Air hose Coupler
Maximum usable pressure 1.5 Mpa 1.5 Mpa
Withstand pressure 3.0 Mpa 2.0 Mpa
Burst pressure 8.4 Mpa -
Material for hose length Polyurethane resin Iron steel
Material for seal - Nitrile rubber
Usable temperature range -0°C to +60°C -5°C to +60°C
Fluid used Air Air
Outside diameter 12±0.3mm -
Inside diameter 8±0.3mm -
Color (Outside/inside) Black -
Minimum bending r (radius) 40mm -


Type TUA8X12-5M-CB TUA8X12-5M-02B TUA8X12-5M-03B TUA8X12-5M-03L
Connection bore - R1/4 R3/8 R3/8
Weight 560g 686g 714g 628g

Inline filter

Inline filter

Eliminates solenoid valve problems caused by dust present in the absorption line.
Solves absorption failure.

Our products are manufactured to fulfill customer specific needs.

* Pre-manufacturing meeting(s) are essential.